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Welcome to the Sydney University Medical Society (SUMS)!

Our Society has a long and proud history, with foundations beginning in 1886, making us Australia’s oldest medical student society. We have over 1,200 students within the School, with local students joining peers from across Australia and the world who are drawn to Sydney Medical School for its reputation as an institution of excellence.

The Society functions for you – we run social events like the annual MedBall, academic functions such as the revered Lambie Dew Oration, advocate to Faculty about curriculum change, and run seminars to fill in those gaps in your learning.

Meet Our 2021 Executives


Toby Plasto

E: president@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Vice President (Advocacy)

Jayesh Dua

E: vpadvocacy@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Vice President (Events)

Will Pamment

E: vpevents@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Treasurer & Sponsorship

Hogan Wang

E: treasurer@sydneymedsoc.org.au


James Weight

E: secretary@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Meet Our Council Members

IT Director

Sunny Wu

E: webmaster@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Sponsorship Coordinator

Asanka Wijetunga

E: sponsorship@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Merchandise Officers

Trisha Pinto

Winnie Hsu

E: merchandise@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Publications Director

Callum Birks

E: publications@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Health & Wellbeing Officers

Kira Sklar

Julia Hamer

E: healthandwellbeing@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Sports Coordinators

Joshua Merritt

Lara Edmands

E: sports@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Meet Our Advocacy Team

Education Advocacy Officer

Julia Hamer

E: educationadvocacyofficer@sydneymedsoc.org.au

AMSA Representatives

Leo Dunstan-Potter

Junior Rep

Brooke Carmody

E: amsa@sydneymedsoc.org.au

NSW MSC Representative

Nirmal Dayaratna

E: nswmscrep@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Queer Representatives

Tania Mukherjee

Paul John Vrazas

Indigenous Health Officer

Kai Matsumoto

E: indigenoushealth@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Indigenous Students Representative

Maiysha Craig

International Students Representatives

Yasser Abouelkeer

Junior Rep

Desmond Hui

Year & Clinical School Representatives

Fourth Year Representatives

Catherine Zheng

Ruchira Jayasena

Third Year Representatives

Tasnim Tahrin

Sarah Ephraums

Second Year Representatives

Hannah Frazer

Luke Strasiotto

First Year Representatives

Cynthia Yu

Jayesh Dua

Event Convenors

Marie Revue Director

Amir Mustavi

E: medrevue@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Med Camp Convenors

Joshua Merritt

Will Pamment

Brooke Carmody

E: medcamp@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Med Ball Convenors

Dan Cheung

Claire Haigh

Sherridan Warner

E: medball@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Lambie-Dew Convenors

Paul Rozenbroek

Sahil Singh

Shelley She

E: lambiedew@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Marie Bashir Convenors

Jacinta Wong

Adam Kaplan

Charlotte Haunton

Ailise Seery

Andrea Wright

E: mariebashiraddress@sydneymedsoc.org.au

Halfway Graduation Ball Convenors






E: halfwaygradball@sydneymedsoc.org.au