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Our Events

First Year Orientation Program

The week long First Year Orientation Program makes the transition for new students to the Sydney Medical School as smooth as possible. The program features an introductory presentation, followed by a welcome BBQ, a sponsors’ tradeshow, and an O-Camp. There will also be welcome drinks later in the week so that the first years can meet members of the other year groups.


Medical Leadership and Development Retreat

The annual retreat allows Society council members the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their respective portfolios, collaborate on policy, and implement effective strategies for cohesive teamwork throughout the year. An emphasis is placed on supporting individual council members in their roles and providing an extensive support network throughout all years of the medical program. This allows the Society to continue to flourish and successfully represent our students.


End of Block Parties

During the first and second year at the Sydney Medical Program, the course is broken up into core ‘Blocks’ rather than semesters. What better way to celebrate the end of seven weeks of learning Respiratory Medicine than with a party for your year group? Blocks are often completed by an exam and as such, the Year Representatives are charged with the task of hosting an event to allow fellow first and second years (and anyone else who wishes to join in) to celebrate, commiserate, dance and enjoy themselves before they dive into another Block. Traditionally the End of Block Parties are themed to suit the topics just completed and allow for a bit of creativity over costumes. In the past the End of Block Parties have been held at a number of Sydney venues – as long as they fit the year group, play great music and are open late, these parties are the perfect way to mark the stepping stones of your pre-clinical years.


Elective Snapshots

Elective Snapshots is an immensely popular event, co-hosted by our affiliate society GlobalHOME.  It is particularly useful for second and third year students who are planning their compulsory elective term. Speakers include final year students, recently returned from their own elective experiences, who provide advice on planning and organising a successful trip. The event allows students the opportunity to consider their future electives and even help plan smaller projects such as Independent Learning Activities.


Women in Medicine Dinner

The Women In Medicine Dinner was established in 2005 in order to bring together students and doctors in discussions of issues affecting women in medicine. Previously, this semi-formal dinner has been held at the Women’s College at the University of Sydney, and has attracted speakers such as Australian of the Year and Burns Specialist, Dr Fiona Wood, and the Chancellor of the University, Her Excellency Marie Bashir. The event has grown to one of our premier events, highlighting the hard work and determination of women in the medical field, and continues to engage female role models to inspire our medical students. Open to all students, Sydney alumni and anyone in the Medical profession, this event is a wonderful way to actively engage our society in challenging questions about the role of women in Medicine and how this is evolving.


Medical Society Ball

The Medical Society Ball is the premier and largest, formal social event of the year, attracting approximately 500 students from all stages and clinical schools. Each year this sit down dinner (followed by dancing) is held  in one of Sydney’s many beautiful locations (such as Waterfront and Luna Park, to name a couple). ‘Med Ball’ gives the students an opportunity to dress up, mingle with other year groups and just enjoy being a member of the Sydney University Medical Society. It is also a great opportunity for friends and partners of Medical students to join in and see what amazing events the Sydney University Medical Society hosts. Med Ball is always a highlight of the year, and a wonderful place to create memories and see your cohort in their shiny best.


Medical Leadership Seminar

The Medical Leadership Seminar develops the abilities required of future leaders in Medicine. The event features presentations from a number of prominent doctors working across a range of specialties in Medicine. Students are inspired to gain skills and insights into areas ranging from effective communication, to health advocacy, to interactions with the media. The event now enters its sixth iteration, and, while primarily targeted towards Sydney Medical School students, will have a number of places available to students from other medical schools in NSW.


Indigenous Health Forum

Co-hosted with MIRAGE Rural Health Club, the Indigenous Health Forum is a popular and very well attended event with staff and students of the University of Sydney as well as members of the public. In recent years it has included a panel of notable figures in the promotion of Aboriginal Health, including Dea Delaney, Kate Conigrave, Jeff McMullen, and Jimmy Little.


Medical Revue

The Sydney University Medical Revue is an event very dear to the Sydney University Medical Society and the medical cohort. Sydney University is known for its popular and impressive ‘Revue Season’ where students of each Faculty write, direct and star in their own brand of comedy/musical/theatre. The shows are performed at the Seymour Centre in front of sell out crowds and are famous for their inter-faculty rivalry and enjoyable (but boundary pushing) jokes. The Sydney Medical Program has always been a stalwart of the Revue season, performing shows under titles such as “Cadavatar”, “Beauty and Deceased” and “Placebo Royale.” As one of the biggest shows with a number of sponsors (including SUMS), the Medical Revue is one of the few charitable productions and also one of the Revues with the longest history. And finally, another point that makes the Sydney Medical Revue so unique is that it is entirely created by our first year cohort (every other faculty opens it to anyone). As a result, Med Revue is one of  the biggest ways to make friends and memories in first year and one of the most enjoyable nights of comedy theatre that you can have.


Final Year Graduation Conference

The Graduation Conference is a one day program of seminars for final year students at the completion of their degree. Sessions are designed to brief students about what they can expect as medical graduates and junior doctors. Past sessions have included information on financial planning and indemnity insurance as well as career goals and opportunities. Attendance is compulsory.


Final Year Dinner

The Final Year Dinner takes place on the Wednesday following the Graduation Conference, and is the last Society event for the majority of final year students before they commence their internships the following year. The sit-down dinner for students and their families provides students with an opportunity to recognise and reflect on the achievements of the preceding four years.


Lambie Dew Oration

The Lambie Dew Oration, named after the first Professors of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Sydney, is the Society’s most prestigious annual event. This event is free and open to the public, as well as students and alumni of the Sydney Medical School. Held in the Great Hall of the University of Sydney, it has been known to attract full capacity crowds of up to 600 people. Past speakers have included such distinguished persons as:

  • Prof. Dame Valerie Beral (epidemiologist, and Principle Investigator for the Million Women Study)Ÿ
  • Prof. Ian Frazer (AC, Pioneer Cervical Cancer Vaccine)
  • Prof. Chris O’Brien (Director Sydney Cancer Care Centre and from TVs RPA)
  • Prof. Marie Bashir (AC, Governor of NSW)

The future Lambie Dew Orations will continue to uphold the esteemed tradition of the premier event in the Society’s calendar.


Rural Health Night

Co-hosted with the University of Sydney’s multidisciplinary rural health club, MIRAGE, the Rural Health Night raises awareness of pertinent medical and social issues facing rural communities and health care professionals. Past speakers have included remote area nurses, rural medical generalists, and outback physiotherapists. The evening is a brilliant opportunity to get involved with Rural Medicine and also a perfect way to seek out opportunities across Australia.


Halfway Dinner

The Halfway Dinner is an event for second year students to mark the completion of their barrier exam and the halfway point of their degree. It also marks the transition from pre-clinical to clinical years. The event is the last time that this cohort of students will all be together in the same place until the Graduation Conference in fourth year. Halfway Dinner is a wonderful night to say a fine farewell and is the bow on top of your first two years at the Sydney Medical Program.



Sports make up a large part of the social life of a medical student, particularly in the first two years of the degree. Throughout the year the Sydney University Medical Society pitches teams against other faculties (Education, Law, Engineering etc) in a range of sports once a week (Touch Football, Netball, 5 km run etc). On top of these weekly delights, SUMS also organises hugely successful sports matches between the different years and between off and on-campus cohorts. In 2012 this included soccer, netball and basketball. The inter-clinical school rivalry was made all the more dramatic during the Inter-Clinical School swim off. And if competitive sport isn’t your thing, Pilates sessions are available throughout the year. A more historical event to take part in is the Interfac Rugby. Traditionally between Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science but now branching out to Pharmacology and even Law, these matches are a fun way to welcome in the cooler months and fight it out for the Interfac Rugby Cup. Sports is an excellent way to try something new, with a new group of people and represent your Medical School. They are open to anyone who is willing to play!