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All students enrolled in the Sydney Medical Program are automatically granted free membership to the Sydney University Medical Society. This membership provides exclusive access to the many resources and events of the Society.

All students are required to register their membership to the Sydney University Medical Society by using the form below. Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing your login details.

If you are having difficulty registering or logging in, please contact the IT admin staff at webmaster@sydneymedsoc.org.au. You may also reset your password using the form below.

Terms and Conditions


As a Student Member of SUMS I agree to abide to the SUMS Constitution and the following Terms and Conditions of membership:

  1. That to be a Student Member of SUMS I must be a medical student currently enrolled in the Sydney Medical Program at the University of Sydney.
  2. That there is currently no membership fee.
  3. That the length of my membership will be for the duration of my enrolment in the Sydney Medical Program.
  4. That my Student Membership guarantees an opportunity to apply for access/registration to SUMS Events (including Med Camp, Med Ball, Marie Bashir Address and Lambie Dew Oration) but does not guarantee event attendance or event ticket purchase.
  5. That my Student Membership guarantees me access to SUMS’s General or Ordinary Meetings.
  6. To have my personal details (as submitted via the Member Registration form) on the SUMS Register of Members. SUMS agrees to only use these details internally except as required by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
  7. To receive updates from SUMS and emails from SUMS’s trusted sponsors via the SUMS MailChimp email database. I acknowledge that I can choose to opt out from this mailing list directly via email or by contacting the Society Secretary.
  8. That SUMS retains the right to amend conditions of membership in line with its rights and responsibilities under the Corporations Act 2005 (Cth).
  9. These terms and conditions operate in addition to the rights and responsibilities given to Student Members under the SUMS Constitution.
  10. That if the above conditions are not met my application may be denied or my membership ceased. I acknowledge that if this occurs I will be notified via email.
  11. That I agree to the Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions of SUMS.

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